The Sting: A Review of the Classic

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    The Sting is one of the most beloved and influential movies of all time. Directed by George Roy Hill, it stars Robert Redford, Paul Newman, and Robert Shaw. The movie tells the story of two con-men who team up to take revenge on a crime boss. The movie was released in 1973 and went on to become a classic. It won seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and is widely regarded as one of the best films ever made.

    The Sting tells the story of Johnny Hooker (Redford), a small-time con artist who teams up with the legendary Henry Gondorff (Newman) to take down the ruthless crime boss Doyle Lonnegan (Shaw). The two con-men devise an elaborate plan to swindle Lonnegan out of a large sum of money. The movie follows their exploits as they attempt to outwit and outmaneuver their adversary. The movie is filled with twists and turns, and the climax is one of the most memorable scenes in cinema history.


    The Sting is an absolute classic. The performances of Redford and Newman are legendary, and the movie features some of the best dialogue ever written. The movie is filled with wit and humor, and the soundtrack is iconic. It’s a movie that stands the test of time, and it’s one that everyone should watch at least once.

    If you’re looking for a classic movie to watch, The Sting movie review is a great choice. It’s a timeless classic that is sure to entertain and delight. To watch The Sting, you can find it streaming on Twitch or Rent or Buy it online. Enjoy!

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